Additive manufacturing startups – what are the key factors for success?

Startups have been contributing to major technological innovation in the evolving additive manufacturing (AM) industry. By disrupting how companies are designed, these pioneers are driving AM toward industrial maturity. Using a proprietary database of AM startups, we determine what factors are key for startup success, drawing on the most recent high-tech literature.

Our findings reveal that a team’s human capital, patent protection and its targeting of the B2B market significantly increase the likelihood of success. Furthermore, business model choice is important since it is a crucial source of competitive advantage. Our insights are relevant for AM practitioners and entrepreneurs alike.

This white paper is based on data provided through AM Ventures and on parts of the Master Thesis ‘Success determinants of digital manufacturing startups: exploring the impact of founder’s human capital, value capture and intellectual property’ by Alexander Schmoeckel, written at the Chair of Entrepreneurial Finance, Technical University of Munich. It is meant as an insight into our findings. We hope that AM adoption in the market can be further accelerated.

Podcast Additive Snack – How startups are shaping the future of additive manufacturing

Are you curious about how startups are shaping the future of additive manufacturing?
Then listen to this great conversation between Fabian Alefeld and our managing partner Arno Held in the latest Additive Snack podcast.
Thank you very much for having us. We really enjoyed sharing our insights on how startups are taking 3D printing to industrial maturity.

Revolutionizing ultra-high resolution additive manufacturing

We are very proud to lead Scrona Ltd.’s Series A investment round together with TRUMPF Venture, Verve Ventures and Manz GmbH Management Consulting and Investment

Founded by Patrick Galliker, Martin Schmid and Julian Schneider, Scrona has developed the industry’s first print engine that brings the ultra-high resolution capability of electrostatic printing into a scalable multi-nozzle MEMS chip with digital control. The unique combination of high resolution and high throughput will reinvent micro-manufacturing. The USD 9.6m Series A investment is indented to further boost the commercialization of Scrona’s disruptive printing technology and allows for the development of new applications across multiple industries including semiconductor manufacturing, high-end displays, electronics, and PCB.

“The combination of the highest resolution and the ability to overcome restrictions around high-performance materials of current processes is unique. We expect that Scrona’s technology will enable completely new applications and we are glad to accompany them on their journey together with a strong investor line-up.” – Johann Oberhofer & Alois Hotter

“We are very excited to be supported by this syndicate of expert investors who understand the disruptive potential of Scrona‘s scalable printing technology, which has the ability to reduce manufacturing steps 10-fold, while also significantly reducing material, energy and water usage.” – Patrick Galliker

Welcome to our #fAMily, Scrona! We are looking forward to this exciting revolution together with co-investors Michael Blank, Dieter Kraft and Dieter Manz.

Congratulations to Patrick Galliker, Martin Schmid, Julian Schneider, Walter Braun, Gregor I. Eugster and the whole Scrona team!

Thanks for breaking the news Brian Heater from TechCrunch.

Revolutionizing sinter-based metal additive manufacturing for serial production

We are super excited to announce AM Ventures’ EUR 2.5 m Series A investment in Headmade Materials GmbH

Founded by the trailblazing founders Christian Staudigel, Christian Fischer, Marius Geldner, CFA and Christian Fink, Headmade Materials has developed a novel metal feedstock that seamlessly integrates into existing selective laser sintering equipment and powder metallurgy processes. The Series A investment is intended to further expand Headmade Materials’ production capacities, the product portfolio and international sales.

„We have been observing Headmade Materials for quite some time and are impressed by the company’s development in the last few years. The great scope of applications the technology enables and the successful projects that the team of Christian Fischer and Christian Staudigel have carried out speak for themselves.“ – Arno Held & Adrian Maier-Ring

“With the support gained, we will accelerate the transformation of metal 3D printing into volume production, and together with our customers, bring numerous applications to market.” – Christian Staudigel

Welcome to our #fAMily, Headmades! We are looking forward to this super exciting revolution together with existing investor and long-term co-investor of AM Ventures, Robert Gallenberger, Partner at btov Partners Industrial Technologies Fund.

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Revolutionizing indirect additive manufacturing of small and micro metal components

We are super excited to announce AM Ventures’ initial investment in MetShape

Founded by the trailblazing founders Johannes Homa, Carlo Burkhardt and Andreas Baum, MetShape has mastered the two steps metal AM processes using Lithography-based Metal Manufacturing (LMM). The seed investment will boost MetShapes’ capabilities in prototyping and production of precise small and micro metal components.

“The key to mastering indirect AM processes is to control the oven-based sintering processes after the green part has been 3D printed. We are convinced that the team around Dr. Andreas Baum combines the necessary competences and has extensive know-how for the development and serial production of high-quality applications.” – Johann Oberhofer

“With our holistic approach and know-how of the entire LMM process chain, we provide our customers the highest flexibility in developing and manufacturing their applications.” – Dr. Andreas Baum

We are very proud that this is our first investment of our recently established venture capital fund for industrial 3D printing. We are looking forward to this super exciting revolution together.

Thanks for breaking the news Madeleine Prior and Filippos Voulpiotis.

AM Ventures launches €100m venture capital fund dedicated to industrial 3D printing

AM Ventures, the leading venture capital firm in additive manufacturing (AM), announces the initial closing of the first-ever venture capital fund dedicated to industrial 3D printing. The company and major shareholders, the LANGER GROUP, join forces with KGAL, one of the leading independent investment and asset managers for real capital investments in Europe. The initial closing brings the fund close to 50% of the targeted commitment. The fund will continue to focus on further strengthening the support for seed and early growth stage hardware, software, materials, and applications startups in industrial 3D printing globally. The closing of this one-of-a-kind investment fund represents a strong signal not only for the AM industry itself but also for investors looking to benefit from the strong dynamic in advanced manufacturing M&A.