Dez 06, 2022

Revolutionizing large-scale additive manufacturing of light-weight metal parts

We are thrilled to announce AM Ventures’ initial investment in Fortius Metals Inc. Founded by the trailblazing Jeff Lints, Fortius Metals has mastered the robotic welding and large format printing of high-strength aluminum alloys. The seed investment will boost Fortius Metals’ production capabilities and accelerate their go-to-market strategy.

“We are convinced that the team around Jeff Lints combines the necessary skills and has extensive know-how to revolutionize wire-based materials for additive manufacturing and robotic welding enabling stronger and lighter fabrication” – Philip Schultheiss

“We are looking forward to supplying customers who are already requesting our new 6061 aluminum welding wire that solves traditional ‚hot cracking‘ problems. We are proud to be a Colorado company along with many of our space and aircraft customers.” – Jeff Lints

Thanks for breaking the news, Edward Wakefield!

What does Fortius Metals mean for the AM industry?

Welcome to our fAMily. We are looking forward to this super exciting revolution together.