Electrostatic Multi-Nozzle Printing
“Before investing in Scrona, AM Ventures pushed us to printing demonstrations which we did not know were possible with our technology.”
Scrona develops and manufactures an electrohydrodynamic printing technology for functional materials with resolutions in the single digit micrometer range and below.
Patrick Galliker
Julian Schneider
Martin Schmid
Zürich, Switzerland
Joined portfolio:
December 2021
Current stage:
Series A
AM Category:

A leading sustainable additive revolution – Scrona

Why did AM Ventures choose to invest in this company?

The Scrona technology has enormous potential for additive manufacturing because its technology can process materials that are simply not processable with other printheads today. The combination of the highest resolution and the ability to overcome restrictions caused by high-performance materials used in current processes is unique. I expect that Scrona’s technology will lead to completely new applications and we are glad to accompany them on their journey together with a strong investor line-up.

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