Small and micro metal parts in highest precision
“AM Ventures is the investor in the field of AM, and we are glad to be part of their remarkable business network. With AM Ventures, we have the best starting conditions for our growth ambitions.”
MetShape establishes a manufacturing entity with special know-how with a two-step process to transfer green parts into high-quality, finished metal components that can be used for series applications.
Andreas Baum
Johannes Homa
Carlo Burkhardt
Pforzheim, Germany
Joined portfolio:
June 2021
Current stage:
AM Category:

A leading sustainable additive revolution – Metshape

Why did AM Ventures choose to invest in this company?

The key to mastering indirect AM processes is to control the oven-based sintering processes after the green part has been 3D printed. We are convinced that the team around Dr. Andreas Baum combines the necessary competences and has extensive know-how for the development and serial production of high-quality applications.

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