Elementum 3D

Advanced manufacturing powders for 3D printing
“AM Ventures is a brave, spirited additive manufacturing partner we can trust to support and motivate us to overcome challenges and discover new frontiers.”
Elementum 3D develops and sells metal matrix composites and ceramics.
Jacob Nuechterlein
Erie, USA
Joined portfolio:
September 2017
Current stage:
Series B
AM Category:

A leading sustainable additive revolution – Elementum 3D

Why did AM Ventures choose to invest in this company?

Additive manufacturing still has a rather small selection of materials available to it compared to other manufacturing technologies. This was even more true back in 2017, when we first had contact with Elementum 3D. Jacob and his talented team have developed not only a method for making more metals readily available for printing but have also increased their mechanical properties. An investment in this company was simply logical.

What are your expectations for this company in the coming years?

Elementum 3D already has great traction all over the world with high caliber aerospace and automotive customers all over the world , who test and qualify new materials very thoroughly. These companies have opted for Elementum 3D’s offerings. We see this as a strong indicator of widespread adoption of their materials in the near future.

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