Additive manufacturing finishing systems
“AM Ventures not only gave us the first money. They gave us the idea for DyeMansion. They formed the core business model with us. And they gave us the trust since day one that we can build something great. Simply saying thank you is not enough credit to the effort of AM Ventures.”
DyeMansion is the global leader in post-processing solutions for industrial polymer 3D printing.
Felix Ewald
Philipp Kramer
Munich, Germany
Joined portfolio:
February 2015
Current stage:
Series B
AM Category:

A leading sustainable additive revolution – DyeMansion

Why did AM Ventures choose to invest in this company?

AM Ventures is very proud to have been part of the DyeMansion success story from the very beginning. Six years ago, we mutually recognized the great potential of post-processing 3D-printed parts. It became clear that a smooth integration and scalability of finishing and coloring is what our industry needs in order to make Additive Manufacturing a mass manufacturing technology. Since then, this unique team has not only created its own segment within the AM industry - DyeMansion has also unlocked the gate to colorful and aesthetic 3D printed applications in numerous verticals with manufacturing volumes beyond imagination.

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