Carolin Dilger

Blending financial acumen with a zest for mountain adventures

Carolin Dilger heads the finance function at AM Ventures, leveraging over two decades of expertise in the realms of Banking, Accounting, and Finance.

Prior to joining AM Ventures, Carolin held the position of Head of Corporate Development and Participation Management at a family-owned conglomerate of industrial SMEs in the German Mittelstand. During her tenure, she took on the role of interim Managing Director for one of the group companies.

Carolin’s journey commenced in the financial services audit practice, and she later devoted 17 years to advising both German and international corporate and private equity clients at PwC. Her focus primarily revolved around steering and overseeing projects within the M&A landscape, emphasizing financial due diligence. She extended her professional footprint during an 18-month stint at PwC London.

A German Chartered Accountant (Wirtschaftsprüferin) by qualification, Carolin holds a diploma degree in European Business Administration.

Carolin loves all kind of sports, especially playing tennis as well as cycling, skiing and hiking in the Alps.